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About us

APLEND has become one of the fastest growing apartments rental companies in Slovakia. We operate in 7 different places in Slovakia and currently we are preparing new projects not only in Slovakia but also abroad. This growth is the prove of our commitment to fulfil the expectations of our customers in regards to holiday apartmetns for couples, families as well as business customers.


  • javorska@aplend.com
  • www.aplendproperty.com
  • +421 918 907 063

Our advantages

APLEND Property belongs to the group APLEND. APLEND has become in a relatively short time a strong established brand on the Slovak market in regards to holiday apartments and houses. Annualy, our resorts are visited by more than 30 000 people.

People in APLEND Property understands the requirements and demands of current investment properties market and can choose for you the right property.


Guaranteed return
4% p.a.
No extra fees
for maintanance and service
Long-term lease
at least 4 years
The credibility of the brand
Slovak established brand
About us

The latest properties

Our main aim is to constatnly improve and renovate our current properties as well as to build new holiday apartments which become viable business for future owners. Currently, we own 31 different properties (apartments, studios, houses, cottages) located in The High Tatras in the village Veľký Slavkov and Starý Smokovec.


  • Aplend is a Great place since it began. I still have good memories since my first holiday in Tatry Holiday Resort as well as the last stays. The Great owners as well as staff, restaurant, beatiful surrounding, nice resorts in Veľký Slavkov, Starý Smokovec and Tatranská Lomnica… APLEND belongs to the group of Great companies and it consistently increases its quality. We always come back with the enthusiasm and are looking forward to our next stay. Thanks for all.  

    JItka Nováková
    Jitka Nováková
  • Apartments Koliba Kamzík, Starý Smokovec are a Great place to spend your holiday. Their location and beauty si amazing. Everything has been thought in advance and into every detail. Nice staff which I would give 15 points out of 10 because she went beyond and did everything what she could to make us happy. The breakfast were super. We also received discount in Koliba Kamzík, which we really appreciate. The music perfomance was a nice feature during the dinner. I highly recommend this accommodation.    

    Veronika Tomanová
    Veronika Tomanová
  • Thank you very much for nice holiday. We felt wounderfully and the stay was Great. We will definitely come back in the future. Beautiful holiday in Veľký Slavkov thanks to you.    

    Iveta Ratulovská
    Iveta Ratulovská

Contact us

We appreciate your interest in our holiday investment apartments and in case of any questions regarding our properties, please do not hesitate to contact us.

You may find contact information below.

  • Matej Matejka
  • Monday - Sunday from 8.00 to 18.00 h
  • +421 908 693 412
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